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Installation Instructions
(For Epson Originals and non original, Cartridges)
Thanks for purchasing the cartridge. Please read the following instructions.
1. Please don't squeeze the cartridge after pealing off the yellow label, but install the cartridge immediately. For cartridge used in Epson C70 / C80 / C82 / Photo950 / Photo 2100, please remove the blue part before pealing off the yellow label and installation.

2. After installing, if printer can't recognize the cartridge please re-install until it shows ok.

3. When the cartridge is installed, if the computer shows "this is not an Epson product", please click "yes" to continue.

4. To ensure best printing result, please run nozzle check after installation. If nozzle-check result is not satisfactory, please run nozzle cleaning until it's ok.

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Epson Ink Cartridges
    • Step 1

      Turn on your printer and open the hatch or cover where the ink is stored. Different printer models are configured differently and may take different types of ink cartridges
    • Check your specific model for exact instructions
    • Step 2

      Remove any old cartridges by gently pulling up and away from the printer.
    • Step 3

      Remove the tape from the new ink cartridge covering the contacts. Avoid touching the contacts with your hands or clothing as this may damage the cartridge.
    • Step 4

      Install the cartridge in the appropriate slot by pushing gently down and towards the printer until it snaps in. Some printer models have a black and several color cartridges. Some models only have one black cartridge and one color cartridge. Be careful not to mix them.
    • Step 5

      Align your new cartridge by following the printer's instructions. Test for proper installation by printing a test page. Navigate to "Control Panel-->Printers-->Epson-->Properties-->Maintenance-->Print Test Page." If the page does not print correctly, consult Epson support for help.
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